Complete Product Overview of ShotKam

Complete Product Overview of ShotKam

Get answers to your top FAQ in this 9-minute detailed product overview:

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Why do I need a training camera?

The biggest frustration of shotgun shooting is not knowing why you missed. You may hear "you missed in front of it," or "you missed behind it," but the reality is you have no idea. The ShotKam will show you exactly where your barrel was so you can learn why you missed. The average user increases their score by 15% within the first month. Your order includes a 30-day money back guarantee, so try it for yourself risk free and watch your scores improve.

What is the ShotKam?

ShotKam is the ultimate training tool for your shotgun. Designed as a high-tech video camera, this weatherproof, durable camera will improve your shooting as a hunter or clay shooter.

With this camera, you'll get a high-definition video of every shot. At the center of each video will be a crosshair to show exactly where you "aimed." Using the crosshair, you can study your move to the target and determine exactly why you missed or how you hit a target.

Want instant feedback? You can play the videos wirelessly right to your mobile device (phone, iPad, or tablet), so you can instantly see why a target was missed.

How does this camera work?

ShotKam has an internal accelerometer (detects forces) and gyroscope (detects movement), so it can intelligently detect barrel motion and the pull of gravity. This enables the ShotKam to start recording when it feels the action of your gun close, then save your videos only when it feels a recoil - the camera is completely self-editing.

The ShotKam is self-editing meaning that it will record and save each of your shots automatically when it detects the recoil of your gun. Once it saves your video, the ShotKam slows the playback speed to 1/3 to mimic how your brain perceives a moving target. This enhanced playback speed, along with its 4x zoom, will show you exactly how you’re hitting each target. Each video is recorded in Full HD at 100 frames per second so you can pinpoint the exact movements of your muzzle. 

Patented to ShotKam:

The "intelligence" of this gun camera is what separates it from all other action cameras with barrel clamps (link to comparisons below). Here's a quick overview of some of our intellectual property:

  1. Reticle Alignment System: Allows you to adjust the reticle (the crosshair or red dot in the video), to your gun's point-of-aim.

  2. Shock Absorption Mechanism: Videos so clear that even the pellets can be seen against a sky background. 

  3. Barrel-Mounting Attachment: Stops high-frequency vibrations and heat from affecting camera's components.

  4. Recoil-Activated Memory Buffer: Records videos of before, during, and after your shot. If you shoot 25 targets, you'll get 25 videos without ever worrying about having to turn the camera ON/OFF.

  5. Accelerometer & Gyroscope Logic: Detects barrel movements and recoils to accurately record video.

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