Handgun Shop Overview

ShotKam Handgun Model is an action video camera for handgun, rifle, or tactical shotgun. The world's most advanced gun camera operates with an accelerometer to record every shot, then saves each video in slow-motion Full HD. With built-in Wi-Fi, instantly connect to your mobile device to review your shot while at the range.


Video recording: 1080p HD x 100 fps, or 720p x 180 fps

Capacity: 32GB holds 1,000 videos

Size (length, width, height): 1.70 inches (43.18 mm), 1.12 inches (28.45 mm), 1.25 inches (31.75 mm)

Weight: 4 ounces

Camera: 18 degree field-of-view in Full HD (non-adjustable), or 14 degree field-of-view in 720p

Shipping: Available online only and shipped from Florida, USA