Shotgun Shop Faqs

Is this the newest Model?

Yes, this 3rd Generation ShotKam is our most popular video camera - now with 4x faster Wi-Fi, new mobile app, 2x memory capacity, and smoother video. Each purchase includes a 12-Gauge mounting bracket, hard carrying case, lens cover, Allen driver, and all spare accessories.


How fast is shipping within the USA?

Free 3-day FedEx domestic shipping is included, or 2-day ($7) and overnight ($34.99) shipping are available at Checkout. We ship within 1 business day of receiving the order and are headquartered in Florida, USA.


Can you ship to other countries?

Yes, we can ship to most countries from this USA website (no shipping available to: Spain, Mexico, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China). Import taxes are not already included in the ShotKam Camera price, so FedEx would contact you for payment. If you live in the United Kingdom or Europe, then we recommend ordering from our ShotKam UK website which includes all taxes and accepts GBP (£) and EUR (€). If you live in Australia or New Zealand, then visit our ShotKam AU official site which includes taxes accepts AUD (A$) and NZD (NZ$). 


Can I mount it onto other shotguns?

Yes, click on the "Accessories" tab to purchase additional brackets. Your purchase includes a 12-bore bracket, but additional attachments are available for $39 each: 20-gauge, 28-gauge, .410, and 12-gauge side-by-side. The ShotKam Camera can also be mounted to a bow with the bow mount which replaces a stabilizer.


Can I use it on a rifle?

Yes, this ShotKam can be mounted to a rifle (without a rail) using the following brackets:

    • 12-Gauge bracket for large caliber guns (416, 458, etc).
    • 20-Gauge bracket for 30 caliber rifles (.300 win mag, .308, 270, 30-06, 7mm, 16mm, etc).
    • 28-Gauge for 243 sized rifles.
    • .410 for 223 sized rifles.