VLC / Video Players

VLC Media Player

We recommend VLC for Windows and Mac computers because it is free, safe, and has a easy frame-by-frame option. It is important to install the Version 2.2.8 and not update your VLC to the latest version (3.0+) because the frame-by-frame freezes in the newest version. Please follow the steps below:


1. Install VLC from our Dropbox account:  Download VLC Media Player
2. Open either the Mac or Windows PC folder, then click on the icon with three dots [...] and select "Download."
3. Use the "e" key on your keyboard to go frame-by-frame, or use the space-bar to pause/play.



Other Video Player Options:


For Windows PC: We have found a new alternative to VLC Media Player called "Potplayer." It is a completely free media player that allows frame-by-frame viewing by pressing “F” (next frame) and “D” (previous frame). Please watch the following 2-minute tutorial video: How to Download PotPlayer


Written steps are below:

1. Install Potplayer from the following link: https://daumpotplayer.com
2. In the middle of the screen there are two options to click, choose the 64-bit download. It will now begin downloading in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
3. Once completed, click the download. You will be asked if English is your language, click Continue.
4. Follow the prompts: Accept, Continue, and Next. There may be a few loading bars that quickly go away. Once you get to the page with a yellow sidebar which reads "Complete Install Potplayer," it will prompt you to hit "Close."
5. The installer will load for about 1 minute. Once completed, it will ask you to accept the terms and continue through some more prompts. The final page will ask you to click "Install."
6. Potplayer will then automatically open on your desktop for you to use. Save it to your Taskbar (icons at the bottom of your computer screen) by right clicking on the Potplayer icon and selecting "Pin to Taskbar."

How to view your ShotKam videos (Potplayer on Windows PC):

1. Plug ShotKam into your computer.
2. Open Potplayer. If you cannot find it, type "Potplayer" into the search bar on the bottom left hand corner of your screen (Windows icon).
3. Once Potplayer is open, clicked on the three dashed horizontal lines on the bottom right corner of the window.
4. The window should then extend to the right where you can now see two tabs.
5. Open the tab called "This PC." Next, click on SHOTKAM, and then the ShotKam folder.
6. Click on a dated folder, then hit Ctrl + A on your computer. This will highlight all of your videos. Click Open.
7. Use the "F" key (next frame), "D" key (backwards a frame), and the spacebar to pause/play your videos. If any of the previous 7 steps are confusing, then simply locate your videos within File Explorer (yellow folder), then right click on your mouse and choose "Open with: Potplayer." Your videos will now begin playing.


For Apple Computers: We have found a new alternative to VLC Media Player called "Elmedia Player." It is a completely free media player that allows frame-by-frame viewing by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Please watch the following 2-minute tutorial video: How to Download Elmedia Player


Written steps are below:

1. Go to Elmedia Player's website here: mac.eltima.com/elmediaplayer.html?utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=media-player
2. Select "Download" (blue button)
3. At the top right corner of your browser window, click on the grey down arrow to see your recent downloads.
4. Double click on "elmediaplayer.dmg"
5. Drag the Elmedia icon (triangles) over to the Applications Folder. This is to permanently save the video player to your Mac computer.
6. Your Applications will automatically open, then double click the new Elmedia Player icon.
7. Find the Elmedia Player icon (two triangles) in the Doc of your computer (bottom of your computer screen), then hold down the Control key and click the icon. Next, select Options > Keep in Dock

To view your videos (Elmedia Player on Mac computers):

1. Click on "File" in the top left (next to the Apple icon and Elmedia Player text)
2. Click "Open" > Select ShotKam in the left column > SHOTKAM > Dated folders > Select your videos
3. Now click "Open"
4. Once videos are playing, use the spacebar on your keyboard to pause/play. Use the arrows on your keyboard to go frame-by-frame forwards and backwards.



Factory Default Software:

  • For 3rd Generation ShotKam: Click here to download the included software from Dropbox. Watch YouTube video tutorials here.
  • For 2nd Generation ShotKam: Click here to download the included software for the memory card. Watch YouTube video tutorials here.