A hard reset should be done if the ShotKam will not turn ON/OFF, or there is no red LED when charging.


    Steps to complete a hard reset (this will NOT erase any of your videos):

    1. Unscrew the rear cap.
    2. Straighten out one end of a paper clip.
    3. Carefully insert the paper clip into the small hole below the control button.
    4. Gently push the reset button. You will feel resistance, but don’t press too hard.
    5. Turn the ShotKam ON with a push of the control button.
    6. Screw the rear cap back on by twisting to the right. Ensure it is firmly in place, but not over-tightened.



    Here is an at-home battery test to see if your ShotKam Camera needs a battery replacement ($79):

    1. Charge your ShotKam via the provided USB cable to your computer for 3 hours. The red LED will stay solid once fully charged.
    2. Disable sleep mode: Turn the ShotKam into Wi-Fi mode, then connect a smartphone or tablet to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi. Open the ShotKam app, tap on the settings icon (gear), tap on “Wake-Up Sensitivity,” then select “Sleep Disabled - Caution / 1 Hour Battery Life.”
    3. Close the app and turn the ShotKam OFF.
    4. Now turn the ShotKam ON into normal shooting mode (one click of the control button; 1 solid green LED).
    5. Time how long it lasts before it turns off. The “standard” battery life in testing mode is 45 minutes. Keep the camera in a cool room or under a fan. CAUTION: It will get hot; this is normal in test mode.



    Clay Shooting = 5-6 Hours 
    Hunting = 4-5 Hours (Approximately 75 videos) 
    Constant Wi-Fi Mode = 1 Hour

    Operating Temperatures: Use the ShotKam Camera where the ambient temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Using your ShotKam in very cold conditions outside of its operating range might temporarily shorten battery life and could cause the device to turn off. Battery life will return to normal when you bring the device back to higher ambient temperatures. Using a ShotKam Camera in very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life. We use the same type of lithium-ion battery as in Apple mobile devices.

    Store the camera where the temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Please don’t leave the device in your car because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range. The battery will need replaced every 2-4 years depending on use. You can do an at-home battery test by following the steps above on this page.



      The following computers are compatible with the ShotKam Camera:
      • Windows PC: Windows 8 or later. Windows 7 are not compatible.
      • Apple: All computers from 2014 or later.
      • Google: Chromebooks
      The following phones are compatible with the ShotKam mobile app: 
      • Android: All devices with Android 9 or later. Android 8 or older are not compatible.
      • Apple: iPhone 6 or later, and all iPads from 2015 or later.
      • Google: Pixel 4 or later.



      In order to save your reticle alignment, you must hit the "Save" button or back arrow in the ShotKam app. Please follow our manual instructions or watch our step-by-step tutorial on aligning the reticle.



      In order for a shot to be saved, it must be taken within 20 seconds of powering on the camera or closing the action (or 30 seconds when hunting). If there is no activity for 20 seconds, then the camera will go into sleep mode to conserve battery. You will notice a slow flashing green LED when in sleep mode. Either press the control button, close the action, or bump the gun to waken the ShotKam (1 solid green LED).

      Check that all of your settings are on "Normal" and that the ShotKam is wakening when the action is closed (LED will turn solid green).



      The ShotKam videos can be slowed down to see the shot pattern, but you will not be able to see it well against a tree background. This is not a big concern, however, as seeing the pattern is typically not very informative. We encourage our customers to study the 10 - 15 pictures (frames) right before the shot was taken. The ShotKam takes 100 frames per second (fps), and studying the 15 frames before the shot is where you will be able to see why you missed (or broke) it. Look for things like collapsing lead which indicates that your eyes "measured" the lead. Studying the hold-point, matching the speed of the bird, and studying the swing and break-point are where the ShotKam can help.



      Check that the ShotKam is mounted directly under your barrel with the rubber pads of the bracket fitting into the grooves of the ShotKam tube. If they are, then the slant is due to the gun being canted (a tilted mount).



      The most common reason for this is that the ShotKam was not ejected safely. Try plugging the ShotKam into a different USB port or a different computer, then safely ejecting it. To safely eject your ShotKam, right-click on "ShotKam" from the left menu (under Devices) and select "Eject".

      For Mac users: locate "ShotKam" from the left menu (under Devices) and hold the "CTRL" key and click, then select "Eject." Or, click the blue eject icon to the right of "ShotKam."




      FLASHING BLUE + RED = Your ShotKam's memory is full. Delete shots from the ShotKam (while connected to your computer), and then empty your computer's Trash Bin. The videos are not erased until you empty the Trash Bin.

      SOLID BLUE + RED = Internal error. Please contact us at

      ALTERNATING BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW = Internal error. Please contact us at

      Any other abnormal LED sequence, please contact us at