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For Picatinny, Weaver, and Glock Rail


We believe in creating new technology to equip you with instant feedback. Our goal with the Handgun Model was to do the extraordinary: engineer a powerful camera that was intelligent, lightweight, and durable. A simple-to-use device that could capture movement like never seen before. Each component inside the ShotKam has been meticulously designed with your handgun in mind.

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Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Allows you to connect any Apple or Android mobile device directly to the ShotKam. No other Wi-Fi source needed. The ShotKam Wi-Fi will appear in your Network options.
  • Watch your live stream ShotKam videos while in the field.
  • Customize your settings, watch your videos, and instantly share your shots on social media right from your phone.

Slow Motion Playback

  • Records in Full HD x 100 frames per second. This equates to one video frame approximately every 3 yards as the bullet travel towards the target.
  • The "Normal" playback speed is 1/3 speed, but this can be adjusted for slower or faster playback preferences.
  • Videos can be watched frame-by-frame to study trigger-pull, etc.

Accelerometer Activation

  • The internal accelerometer detects when the gun action is closed, then starts recording a video through a memory buffer (temporary storage). Once it feels a recoil, the ShotKam saves the critical portion of videos and slows it down to the selected playback speed.
  • All consecutive shots in a round will be saved on the same video. The camera waits 8 seconds after each recoil to see if there will be another shot. Once there are no recoils within 8 seconds, the ShotKam ends that recording and saves the video.
  • All videos are MP4 format and will not need edited.

Patented Reticle Alignment

  • The adjustable red dot or crosshair seen in your ShotKam videos is called the reticle.
  • Patented alignment technology allows you to align the reticle to your gun's point-of-aim with any Android or Apple mobile device.
  • Use it to study your gun's performance, gun-sight alignment, trigger-pull, etc.


When shooting for a consistent group of tight shots, the ShotKam brings you the clarity you need in order to improve. By studying your videos frame-by-frame, you can correct your trigger-pull errors and improve your gun-control technique. For the casual shooter, this means more fun on the range; and for the competitive shooter, the ShotKam can bring you winning scores.


ShotKam is an invaluable tool when practicing with black rifles. It allows you to watch your move to the target and study your trigger control frame-by-frame. This powerful camera gives you the insights needed to make key adjustments for better performance. What's more, you can end your day re-living the excitement of the range from the comfort of your home.


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4 oz

Dimensions (length, width, height):

1.70 inches (43.18 mm), 1.12 inches (28.45 mm), 1.25 inches (31.75 mm)

Memory Capacity:

Internal 32GB Micro SD card holds 1,000 shots

Video Recording:

Records in either 1080p HD at 100 fps, or 720p at 180 fps. The "Recording Setting" can be selected within our ShotKamPro mobile app. ShotKam has an accelerometer which registers forces and registers when there is a shot taken. Once the action of your gun is closed, the ShotKam begins recording a video through a memory buffer. If the accelerometer registers a recoil, then it saves the video to the memory card. If there is no recoil, then it dismisses the video. All shots taken within 9 seconds of each other will be saved on the same video.

Video Format:

MP4 Video Format


4x faster built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your ShotKam to any iPad / Tablet / Smartphone while in the field (no other Wi-Fi source needed). The ShotKam's Wi-Fi will appear in your phone's Wi-Fi Networks options.

Water Resistent:

ShotKam is splash-proof when the rubber cap is over the USB port. The rubber cap seals the USB port from being water damaged.

Mounting Systems:

The rail mounting bracket attaches to any Glock, Weaver, and Picattiny rails. The mount can be adjusted for all sizes of rail.


The outer encasing is made of composite plastic, then to rail bracket is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Target Settings (Adjustable):
The default setting is Paper Targets:
  • Records: 2 seconds pre-shot, 2 seconds post-shot
  • Playback Speed: 1/3 speed which is 33 fps
  • Sleep Mode: After 30 seconds of inactivity
Recording Time (Adjustable):
“Short” recording time is half the "Normal" recording time.

 Paper Targets = 1 seconds pre-shot, 1 seconds post-shot

“Normal” recording time:

 Paper Targets = 2 seconds pre-shot, 2 seconds post-shot

“Long” recording time is twice the "Normal" recording time.

 Paper Targets = 4 seconds pre-shot, 4 seconds post-shot


The internal lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and the life expectancy is 3 years. Your ShotKam can be charged via the USB port and a USB cable is provided with every purchase. A battery replacement costs $40 and must be done at our warehouse in Florida.

Battery Life in Normal Shooting Mode (not Wi-Fi):

Normal Range Shooting: 4 hours.

Intensive Range Shooting: 2 hours.

Battery Life in Wi-Fi Mode:

Typically lasts 1 hour in Wi-Fi mode.

NOTE: The Wi-Fi mode is for adjusting the ShotKam's settings and for "at the range" shot-analysis of problematic targets.

Battery Charging:

Charge the ShotKam using the USB cable (which is provided) to a computer or wall charger (which is provided). Your ShotKam can also be charged using a car charging port. A solid red LED indicated a full charge (takes about 2 hours).


> Click to Download the Complete User Manual (PDF)

  • ShotKam video camera
  • Rail mount for Picatinny, Weaver, or Glock rail
  • Built-in 32GB Micro SD memory card 
  • SD memory card adapter
  • USB cable and wall charger
  • Hard camera case
  • Allen keys and screws to adapt the mount to every rail
  • Spare silicon rear cap
  • Spare front lens cover
  • Spare rubber mounting pads
  • Spare “O ring”
  • Spare mounting screws

Frequently Asked Questions

> Click to Download the Complete User Manual (PDF)


Can the ShotKam be shipped internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally via FedEx. We do not have distributors outside the USA.

IMPORTANT: The international shipping cost does not include import fees (VAT). The ShotKam (digital video camera) falls under the Harmonized Tariff code: 852580300000. 


Target Setting Specifications:

The default setting for your ShotKam is "Paper Targets."  Other target types are available through the ShotKam app.


  • Sleep Mode = Imitates after 30 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery. Load the gun, rack the slide, or bump the gun to waken the ShotKam and restart the 30-second timer.
  • "Normal" Recording Time = 2 seconds pre-shot, 2 seconds post-shot. Any shots taken within 8 seconds of each other will be saved in the same continuous video. The default setting is Full HD at 100 fps (frames-per-second).


How do I start a recording?

The ShotKam plays back at 1/3 speed and the length of the video recordings will vary depending on how many consecutive shots are taken. For example, a single shot will save a 9-second video and a round of 10 will save a roughly 40-second video. This is equivalent to 2 real-me seconds before your first shot, any c consecutive shots taken within 8 seconds of each other, and then one real-time second after the last shot.


Is it weatherproof?

The ShotKam is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is on to cover the USB port. It is not, however, submersible. After exposure to rain, the lens should be cleaned with a soft cloth and the ShotKam removed from your gun's barrel - to be cleaned and completely dried.


Is this an action camera?

No, it is an accelerometer-controlled aiming system (ACAS) video camera. It was developed by an engineer with expertise in military laser-targeting systems and is designed for high shock and vibration environments. The ShotKam has a patented recoil absorption system which is combined with an accelerometer. This allows the ShotKam to buffer and only record-to-memory the few seconds before, during, and after the discharge of bows or firearms. It records video in Full HD (1080p) at 100 frames per second.


Does the 4-ounce weight include the rail mounting bracket?

Yes, the camera plus the attachment mount weighs a total of 4 ounces (567 grams).


Does the ShotKam require batteries?

No, the camera has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts 2 - 4 years and is fully covered for 1-year and then can be replaced for $40. A replacement must be done from our servicing center in Florida, USA, and includes a full Shock and Vibration test after replacement.


How does the camera adjust to varying target distances and light conditions?

The unique light-balancing technology will automatically adjust to varying light conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. The field-of-view is optimized for targets ranging from 3 to 100 yards and is equivalent to 18 degrees. The effective magnification is 4x and this is equivalent to how your eye perceives the target distance.


How Does the Wi-Fi Work?

The ShotKam has its own built-in Wi-Fi network that enables you to connect directly to your smartphone/iPad/tablet. You do not need data, Bluetooth, or any other source of Wi-Fi - just the ShotKam. The Wi-Fi antenna is internal.


What is the ShotKam App?

The ShotKam app is our mobile app used for customizing your settings and aligning your reticle. It is available for both Android or iOS on any smartphone, iPad, or Tablet that is from 2013 or newer.


How are the settings changed?

First, turn your ShotKam into Wi-Fi mode by holding down the control button for 3 - 7 seconds, then releasing.

Next, open the settings for your smartphone/iPad/tablet. Tap on Wi-Fi (Connections > Wi-Fi), then select the "ShotKam network, just as you would connect to an open Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop or friend's house.
It may say "Unsecured Network." This is normal and you are connected.

Now, exit your phone's settings and open the ShotKam app. You can now adjust the ShotKam settings, view videos, and align the reticle.


Does the camera signal that a shot has been saved?

Yes, a solid green LED will light up once the action is closed (video is recording through a memory buffer), then a blue LED will flash after the recoil to signal that the shot has been saved.