Introducing Gen 4

NEW ShotKam with 4K Videos

Records Every Station

What is ShotKam?

ShotKam is the world's most powerful training camera. It attaches onto your barrel and records in 4K video. It shows where you aimed with clarity to see pellets.

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Tech Specs

  • ShotKam Gen 4 with 12 Gauge Mount
Which ShotKam is best for you?

4K Video

Ultra HD x 120fps

All-Day Battery

15 Hours

Adjustable Zoom

2x to 8x

Faster WiFi

6 Mbps

USB-C Port

Rapid Data Transfer

Sub-Freezing Temperature Range

14° F to 104° F

Instant Feedback

With built-in WiFi, you can instantly download videos to your device anytime. No data or Hotspot needed; the camera has everything you need.


Amazing tool!

This product exceeded my expectations, truly amazing! I would highly recommend this camera without doubt. Furthermore, the service I received was exceptional. Keep up the good work!

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Quentin Vanswieten on 22 November 2023

Gen 4 upgrade is worth it

I enjoyed my first Gen 3 Shotkam., it taught me a lot about why I was missing my clays. The New Gen 4 Shotkam is even more amazing. I still have not figured out all of its features but the clarity is amazing. Thank you and the rest of the Shotkam team for a great product and support.

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Chauncey on 16 November 2023

Excellent service

I live in the UK and phoned ShotKam last Monday and explained reasons for ordering Gen 4. The staff were very helpful and said they would do everything to help me out. Couldn’t believe it when the ShotKam arrived on the Thursday. Now that is what I call great service and I can’t wait to get started using the Gen 4.

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Douglas Mein on 1 December 2023

Great training aid

In my many years as an instructor in various disciplines, I often used videos where mechanical skills were involved. For example, you can hear a variety of lectures in the sporting world, but rarely find it sufficient to master the sport. Better is a video of how you function as opposed to others. ShotKam has pointed out my flaws in shooting sporting clays better than someone telling me what my mistake(s) was on a specific shot. Love it!

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Robert Trout on 27 November 2023

Extra Attachments

The 12-GA mount quick-release bracket is included with your the video camera.

Read FAQ about attachments

20 Gauge Quick-Release Mount
28 Gauge Mount
.410 Mount
Side-by-Side 12 Gauge Mount
Side-by-Side 20 Gauge Mount
Rail Mount
Compound Bow Mount
Camera Warming Sleeve
ShotKam Grey Embroidered Hat