ShotKam Gen 4

4K Video • 15 Hour Battery • 8x Zoom
SALE C$749 Reg: C$899.00

ShotKam Gen 3

1080p Video • 5 Hour Battery • 4x Zoom
SALE C$549 Reg: C$699.00

Easily Attach to Barrel

Records in 4K Video

Records Every Station

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  • ShotKam Gen 4
  • ShotKam Gen 3
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4K Video

Ultra HD x 120 fps

All-Day Battery

15 Hours

Adjustable Zoom

2x to 8x
SALE C$749 Reg: C$899.00

Faster WiFi

6 Mbps

USB-C Port

Rapid Data Transfer

Sub-Freezing Temperature Range

14° F to 104° F