8 Tips on How to Improve Your Shooting Scores with ShotKam


Welcome to the world of ShotKam videos, where every shot becomes an opportunity for self-improvement and precision. In this blog post, we'll walk you through some invaluable tips on watching and understanding your ShotKam footage. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting, analyzing your ShotKam footage frame-by-frame can reveal valuable insights and help you fine-tune your movements like never before. So, let's get started!

Identifying When You Aimed (Gun Movement Stops)

While shooting at moving targets, it's vital to avoid aiming directly at the clay. Instead, you need to lead the target and look at the clay. However, a common issue arises when your eyes shift focus to the gun's barrel to check the lead, resulting in a momentary pause in your gun's movement. This pause can be spotted in your ShotKam videos and is an indication of aiming.

Analyzing Quartering Targets

Quartering targets, comprising 60% of sporting clay competitions, present unique challenges. Many shooters tend to "rifle" these targets by attempting to aim directly at them. Slow-motion analysis using VLC media player can reveal whether your gun momentarily stops during the shot, indicating that your focus has shifted to the gun's bead. Identifying such issues can lead to significant improvements in your performance.

Unraveling Shooting Techniques

Two primary shooting techniques will be explored in this guide: "Sustained Lead" and "Swing Through." Understanding the strengths and applications of each technique is crucial for consistently hitting moving targets. By breaking down ShotKam videos, you can evaluate whether you are correctly accelerating through the target line or unintentionally stopping before pulling the trigger.

Watching the Reticle (Crosshair or Red Dot)

Interpreting ShotKam videos isn't just about analyzing patterns and pellets. Instead, focus on what you did before the shot. The reticle in the video always represents the position of your gun's bead. Understanding this key aspect can help correct your swing and enhance your shooting scores.

Head Position and Follow-Through

Maintaining a consistent head position during and after the shot is essential for accurate shooting. By keeping the clay within the ShotKam video and avoiding lifting your head too quickly, you can fine-tune your follow-through technique. If the clay goes out of the frame due to recoil, it might indicate a gun fit issue or improper follow-through.

Analyzing Misses Over the Target

Missing over the bird often signifies lifting your head off the gun prematurely. This action can be driven by several factors, including a gun fit issue or fear of recoil. Analyzing ShotKam videos for instances where the crosshair rises above the target line can help identify these issues.

Moving Hold-Point and Unsteady Eyes

Understanding how your eyes influence gun movement is crucial. A moving hold-point, where your eyes shift as you call for the bird, can lead to excessive gun movement. Learning to maintain a soft focus off in the distance and then focusing sharply on the clay can help enhance consistency.

Additional Tips for Analyzing ShotKam Videos

Check for crooked videos: Ensure the camera is mounted directly under the barrel to avoid skewed footage. If so, then the crooked videos are from a canted gun mount, so we would recommend working with a gun fitter to fix this.

Shooting trap doubles: Pay attention to gun movement between the first and second shots to improve your success rate.

Chandelles in Sporting Clays: Avoid mirroring the rising arch of the target and treat it like a crosser for better results.

Skeet shooting: Be cautious not to over-lead the clay; compare misses and breaks to find the right balance.


By leveraging ShotKam videos and applying the tips mentioned in this guide, you can gain invaluable insights into your shooting techniques. Analyzing your form, focus, and follow-through can help you identify and rectify common mistakes, ultimately leading to improved performance and higher accuracy on the range. So, grab your ShotKam, review your footage, and let's take your shooting skills to the next level! Happy shooting!

ShotKam Video Analysis: Enhance Your Shooting Skills

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