Mastering Clay Shooting: Pro Tips from Champions (Comparing Shooting Techniques)


In the exhilarating world of clay shooting, precision, technique, and strategy are the keys to success. In this training video, Emily meets two renowned champions, Brad Kidd and David Radulovich, at the South Florida Shooting Club. Together, they delve into the intricacies of their shooting styles and share valuable insights that can help aspiring shooters enhance their skills. In this blog, we'll summarize the highlights of the video, gaining valuable knowledge from these two champions.

The Importance of Body Mechanics and Stance

Brad and David both emphasize the significance of maintaining a well-balanced body posture while shooting. Central balance is crucial, as any shift off-center can lead to a loss of control over the gun. Both champions recommend an even weight distribution of 50/50 on each foot and emphasize avoiding excessive leaning either on the toes or the heels. The goal is to ensure a smooth, effortless shooting experience by relying on a balanced stance and whole-body rotation rather than tense hand movements.

Gun Mounting and Posture

Proper gun mounting and posture are essential components of accurate shooting. David explains that the gun should be shouldered at a 45-degree angle off the ground to ensure a natural alignment with the cheek and shoulder. Meanwhile, Brad focuses on cutting off the bird with a feel-based approach, relying on soft hands and vision to guide the shot. Both champions stress the significance of keeping the eyes on the target, allowing the hands to follow the natural motion for precise shooting.

Shooting Specific Targets

To further demonstrate their techniques, Brad and David shoot at crossing targets. David explains how he establishes his hold and look points, with a focal point far back along the target line. He matches the bird's speed and waits for the right moment to deliver the shot with sustained lead (picture below). Brad, on the other hand, focuses on cutting off the bird and delivering the shot at the perceived slowest moment. Both techniques have similarities in soft hands, balanced movement, and bird matching but differ in lead time.

The Role of Hands in Shooting

When addressing a common query about the role of hands in shooting, both champions highlight the significance of using the body's movement rather than relying on hand control. They stress that the body should do the work, with the hands serving as a link between the eyes and the gun. Proper hand positioning under the gun and avoiding pushing or pulling the gun during the shot are vital for precision and control.


The video session with Brad Kidd and David Radulovich at the South Florida Shooting Club provides valuable insights into the art of clay shooting. Through a focus on body mechanics, stance, gun mounting, and hand positioning, they demonstrate how their techniques can lead to consistent and accurate shooting. Aspiring shooters can learn from the expertise of these champions and enhance their skills on the shooting range. Whether it's cutting off the bird or matching its speed, their advice empowers shooters to become more confident and skilled in the thrilling world of clay shooting.

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