ShotKam Gen 3

Stunning HD Video with Every Shot

Easily Attach to Barrel

Records Every Station

For Clays and Hunting

What is ShotKam?

ShotKam is the world's most powerful training camera. This camera records video and attaches onto your barrel. It shows where you aimed with clarity to see pellets.

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Tech Specs

  • ShotKam Gen 3
Which ShotKam is best for you?

1080p Video

Full HD x 100 fps

Long-Lasting Battery

5 Hours

Fixed Zoom

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Rapid WiFi

3 Mbps

Mini-USB Port

Charge and Data Transfer

Standard Temperature Range

32° F to 104° F

Mobile Feedback

With built-in WiFi, you can instantly download videos to your device. Review your shots no matter where you are. No data or Hotspot needed; the ShotKam has everything you need.


15 Stations of Sporting Clays (Unedited)
Skeet Shooting—All 8 Stations
Trap Singles - 5 Stations
Goose and Dove Hunting

Customer Reviews

Amazing technology

Very nice! It works just as they say it will. Definitely a tool to help your clay shooting I recommend it 100%! You also can prove who shot the ducks!!!! Your hunting buddy’s will be amazed!!! Go get one today you will not be disappointed!!!

James Boyd on 19 April 2024

Fun fun fun

Very easy to set up, just watch the youtube tutorials. Went out to the sporting clays course for a trand improved 10 hits. Very easy to down load clips to my phone and look at your misses. Having fun.

RJ on 9 April 2024

Instructor in a tube

This ingenious device has shown me the way to improve from 10 in 25 trap targets to 20-22 in a few practice outings. As a new Trap shooter, this progress builds confidence based on cognizant corrective action taken after studying each shot. Each new trap set becomes more and more muscle autonomous and rewarding. ShotKam is the best instructional tool on the market. Get the shooting basics from an instructor or two and fire up your ShotKam and go shoot.

Jim Stress on 26 March 2024

The best

I absolutely love it. I never shoot without it. It’s one of many training aids I will use for the foreseeable future.

Tim Vokes on 15 March 2024

ShotKam Gen 3

ShotKam is the world's most powerful training camera. This camera records video and attaches onto your barrel. It shows where you aimed with clarity to see pellets.

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  • ShotKam Camera (3rd Generation)
  • 12 Gauge quick release mounting bracket
  • Built-in 64 GB Micro SD memory card - Holds 2,000 clay videos
  • USB cable and wall adapter
  • Camera carrying case
  • Hex-end screwdriver to tighten screws
  • Spare parts

    What's the difference between Gen 3 and Gen 4?

    Our Gen 3 was released a few years ago and is our Full HD model. It's perfect for new shooters looking to get started. It has all the patented ShotKam features: the automatic video-recording, adjustable crosshair, shock-absorption, and more. It has built-in WiFi and is priced at C$699. We will continue selling the Gen 3 for many years.

    The new Gen 4 is the upgraded version with 4K video resolution, 2x faster WiFi, 3x the battery life (up to 15 hours), and continues to record in sub-freezing temperatures. If you share your videos on social media, have long-days at the range, or hunt in sub-freezing conditions, then we would recommend this model. It is priced at C$899. Shop Gen 4 here.

    Can I mount it onto other barrels?

    Yes, shop our accessories: Click here. Your purchase includes a 12 Gauge bracket, but additional attachments are available for C$59 each: 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge, .410, and 12 Gauge Side-by-Side. The ShotKam can also be mounted to a bow with the Bow Mount, which replaces a stabilizer.

    Can I use it on other barrels or rifles?

    Yes, click here to view our rifle chart. Visit our Help Center here to view our most frequently asked questions. 

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      Additional Accessories

      12 Gauge Quick-Release Mount is included with each ShotKam.

      Chart for other barrels >

      20 Gauge Quick-Release Mount
      28 Gauge Mount
      .410 Mount
      Side-by-Side 12 Gauge Mount
      Side-by-Side 20 Gauge Mount
      Rail Mount
      Compound Bow Mount
      ShotKam Grey Embroidered Hat