ShotKam Camera

ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
ShotKam Camera with 12-Gauge Mount
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ShotKam is the world’s most intelligent gun camera. Completely designed for a shotgun, it detects every movement of the barrel and records each shot. 

The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to instantly review your video anytime, anywhere. Simply shoot, then download each shot to your iPhone, Android, Tablet, or iPad. Built with the strongest military-grade material, this beautifully designed gun camera provides the instant feedback needed to understand why a target was missed.


How fast is shipping to Canada?

Your order will be shipped using FedEx within 1 business day, then be delivered in 3-4 business days. You'll also get immediate email access to our bonus series called "Pro Shooting Tips For Sporting Clays."

ShotKam LLC is headquartered in Florida, USA, but we have additional international online stores in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Thanks to our Canadian business number and tax ID, all import taxes are already included in the ShotKam Camera price, so no additional charges will apply. The price is in Canadian Dollars (C$) and includes free shipping.

Countries we don’t ship to: Spain, Gibraltar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Lebanon, Mexico, China, Turkey, Egypt, or Sierra Leone.

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One (1) Year Warranty: If any technical issue arises within one year of purchase, please email us at for a Return Authorization Form. The warranty is non-transferable and remains solely with the original buyer. It does not transfer if the camera is sold to a new buyer.

Get access to our most popular training lessons called “Pro Tips for Sporting Clays” starring World Champion David Radulovich and National Champion Brad Kidd Jr, two of the world's top shooters.

You'll get this exclusive 3-part shooting series sent to your email immediately after any purchase. The first video will be emailed to you five minutes after your order has been placed. Here's a preview with some highlights.

 What's in the box:

  • ShotKam (3rd Generation)
  • 12 Gauge quick release mounting bracket
  • Built-in 64 GB Micro SD memory card - Holds 2,000 clay videos
  • USB cable and wall adapter
  • Hard camera case
  • Hex-end screwdriver to tighten screws
  • Spare silicon rear cap
  • Spare front lens cover
  • Spare rubber mounting pads
  • Spare “O ring”
  • Spare mounting screws

    Is this the newest Model?

    Yes, this 3rd Generation ShotKam is our most popular video camera - now with 4x faster Wi-Fi, new mobile app, 2x memory capacity, and smoother video. Each purchase includes a 12-Gauge quick release mounting bracket, hard carrying case, lens cover, Allen driver, and all spare accessories.

    Can I mount it onto other barrels?

    Yes, click on the "Accessories" tab to purchase additional brackets. Your purchase includes a 12-gauge bracket, but additional attachments are available for $59 each: 20-Gauge, 28-Gauge, .410, and 12-Gauge Side-by-Side. The ShotKam Camera can also be mounted to a bow with the bow mount which replaces a stabilizer.

    Can I use it on other barrels or rifles?

    Yes, this ShotKam can be mounted to other caliber barrels (without a rail) using the following brackets:

      • 12-bore bracket for large calibers (22 mm, 21 mm, 416, 458)
      • 20-bore bracket for 30 calibers (.300 win mag, .308, 270, 30-06, 7mm, 9.3 x 62mm, 19 mm, 18 mm)
      • 28-bore bracket for .243, 17mm, 17.4mm, 6.5 creedmore
      • .410 bracket for 15mm and .223

      ShotKam Australia: Click the link to shop our online store in Australia. You will receive free shipping, all import taxes are already included, and the price is available in Australian Dollar or New Zealand Dollar currency.

      ShotKam Ireland: Click the link to shop our online store in Ireland. You will receive free shipping, all import taxes are already included, and the price is in Euro currency.

      ShotKam United Kingdom: Click the link to shop our online store in the United Kingdom. You will receive free shipping, all import taxes are already included, and the price is in Great British Pound currency.

      ShotKam United States: Click the link to shop our online store in the United States. You will receive free shipping and the price is in US Dollar.

      Extra Accessories

      Your purchase of a ShotKam Camera includes a 12 Gauge quick release bracket. Extra sub-gauge options below.

      FAQ about rifles and brackets

      20 GA Bracket


      28 GA Bracket


      .410 Bracket


      12 GA Side-by-Side


      Bow Mount



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