ShotKam 3

1080p Video • 5 Hour Battery • 4x Zoom

Easily Attach to Barrel

Records Every Station

For Clays and Hunting

What is ShotKam?

ShotKam is the world's most powerful training camera. This camera records video and attaches onto your barrel. It shows where you aimed with clarity to see pellets.

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iPhone and Tablet Compatible

With its own source of WiFi, you can watch videos anywhere. Our mobile app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Lightweight and Weatherproof

Built with military-grade aluminum, this camera can weather the outdoors. Your purchase includes a 2-Year Warranty.

Attaches to All Barrels

Whether using a rifle or shotgun, this camera can safely attach to any barrel size. Mounting options available for different gauges.

Great Customer Support

From product inquiries to set up help, we are here for you. Visit our help center online, live chat with us, or give us a call.

Mobile Feedback

With built-in WiFi, you can instantly download videos to your device. Review your shots no matter where you are. No data or Hotspot needed; the ShotKam has everything you need.


15 Stations of Sporting Clays (Unedited)
Skeet Shooting—All 8 Stations
Trap Singles - 5 Stations
Goose and Dove Hunting



Shotkam is without a doubt the best tool you will ever use. I can not say enough about the Shotkam Company as a whole. I now know exactly why I miss and exactly why I’m hitting each and every clay. Customer service is over the top of the scale.

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Willie Roberts on 27 November 2023

Wish I had bought one earlier

Easy to use and download videos onto the computer and what great visual capturing of the events I wish I had bought one a couple seasons ago. Rugged construction that handles all elements well. Kudos for this nice accessory that extends my enjoyment beyond the hunt itself.

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Ron Cowles on 22 November 2023

Wow what a teacher

From minute one of ordering, found customer service to be outstanding!! As for the ShotKam!! It is as good as shown on youtube video and has helped me a lot already, about 100 videos this weekend and studying the videos is just incredible.

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James Keene on 13 November 2023

Great product with great customer service

I am extremely pleased with the Shotkam and when I combine it as a training tool with your pro tip videos, it has really improved my shooting.

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Michael Litzen on 7 November 2023

Extra Barrel Attachments

12 Gauge Quick-Release Mount included with each ShotKam.

Chart for rifle mounts >

20 Gauge Quick-Release Mount
28 Gauge Mount
.410 Mount
Side-by-Side 12 Gauge Mount
Side-by-Side 20 Gauge Mount
Rail Mount
Compound Bow Mount
Camera Warming Sleeve
ShotKam Grey Embroidered Hat