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Customer Reviews

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Ruben Valdes
An indispensable teaching tool

I use a ShotKam for my high school students who have difficulty hitting birds. I can tell a kid where his muzzle is until I'm blue in the face, but the ShotKam shows him in a format he understands - video. I've been able to get students to shoot more consistently with it. It an indispensable teaching tool.

Such a nice product

We had tried the ShotKam Gen 4 at the range and it is great help. It is such a nice product. I only have 1 regret...I should have bought it long time ago!


The gen4 is an exceptional training camera for shooting enthusiasts. It easily attaches to the barrel giving feedback with clear footage that shows exactly where you aimed, allowing you to improve your accuracy. Whether you're into sporting clays, skeet, trap, or hunting, the ShotKam is a valuable tool.

Anthony James Fraser

Good bit of kit fixed my problem first day out easy to use crisp clear video can’t fault it so far. Only time will tell if it can last the pace of rough shooting and the daily rain of a Scottish winter.Problem i was shooting high lifting my head of the stock hammer and 6 inch nail cured it 😂

David Symcox
Best shooting aid.

The clarity of the camera is outstanding. It has shown me where I why I have been missing some clays and the solution has been easy to put into practice. After watching the playbacks of my shooting I can see what needs to be done to correct a miss and it is good for memorizing hits. It is the best shooting aid I have ever bought, I call it 'the truth'.