ShotKam Gen 3 vs. Gen 4: A Comprehensive Product Comparison for Improved Shooting Performance


If you're an aspiring shooter looking to improve your performance and enhance your shooting skills, you've probably heard of ShotKam. ShotKam is a remarkable video camera that mounts onto the bottom of your barrel, designed to capture and analyze your shotgun shooting movements. In this blog, we will explore the differences between ShotKam's third-generation model and its newest fourth-generation model. Whether you're on a budget or seeking top-notch technology, we'll help you decide which ShotKam is the best fit for your needs.

Understanding ShotKam

ShotKam is a revolutionary learning tool for shooters. Traditionally, it's challenging to monitor your barrel's movements while focusing on the target during shotgun shooting. ShotKam solves this problem by capturing precise barrel movements, allowing you to review the footage and understand why you missed a shot. Designed specifically for shooters, ShotKam's intelligent technology automatically detects barrel movements, so you can concentrate on your target while the camera records your shots in the background.

Key Features of ShotKam Gen 3

The third-generation ShotKam is an excellent choice for beginner shooters or those on a lower budget. It records in Full HD video and offers a battery life of up to five hours, providing ample shooting time for practice sessions. The fixed 4x zoom helps you review your shots, and the built-in WiFi enables you to connect your phone for instant feedback. With a 64GB internal memory card, it offers enough storage capacity for your shooting sessions.

Introducing ShotKam Gen 4

For those seeking the latest in technology and an enhanced shooting experience, the fourth-generation ShotKam is the ideal choice. With 4K video recording capabilities, you can capture stunningly sharp footage. The extended battery life of up to 15 hours ensures you can practice for longer durations without worrying about recharging. The adjustable 8x zoom feature allows you to focus on specific details during playback, making it easier to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, the Gen 4 offers 128GB of memory, providing ample space for all your shooting videos. Its 2x faster WiFi ensures quickest connectivity and video feedback.

Comparing Gen 3 and Gen 4 ShotKam

The choice between the two models largely depends on your budget and shooting preferences. While the Gen 3 offers great value for beginners, the Gen 4 provides cutting-edge features for more advanced users. With its superior video quality, longer battery life, and adjustable zoom, the Gen 4 caters to those who demand the best technology available.

Analyzing Shots with ShotKam

One of the most valuable aspects of ShotKam is the ability to analyze your shots for better performance. While you can see the pellets in the video, it's more effective to focus on the movements leading up to the shot. By replaying the footage in slow motion, you can pinpoint errors in your form, gun mounting, or lead. This immediate feedback allows you to identify areas for improvement and work towards becoming a more accurate shooter.

Calibrating Correctly

A common question users ask is whether to calibrate the reticle to the point of aim or point of impact. The recommended calibration is to the point of aim, which is where your gun is aimed or the bead of the gun. This helps imprint the correct sight picture into your mind for consistent shooting. While point of impact calibration can be useful for adjusting gun fit, it's best to return to point of aim for maintaining the correct sight picture.

Versatility and Compatibility

Another advantage of ShotKam is its compatibility with various shooting disciplines. It works seamlessly with shotguns, bows, and rifles. Different attachments are available for different firearms, ensuring that you can use the ShotKam regardless of your shooting preferences.


ShotKam is an invaluable learning tool for shooters at all skill levels. Whether you choose the Gen 3 for its affordability and reliable performance, or the Gen 4 for its cutting-edge technology, ShotKam will undoubtedly help you improve your shooting skills. Analyzing your shots in detail with the ShotKam's precise video footage will lead to greater accuracy and consistency in your shooting. Whichever model you select, the ShotKam is a must-have companion for every shooter on their journey to excellence. Happy shooting! 

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