Comparing GoPro to ShotKam
How to Break Incoming Pair
The 4 Shooting Techniques
15 Stations of Sporting Clays
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15 Stations of Sporting Clays
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How to Break Incoming Pair
15 Stations of Sporting Clays (Unedited)
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Station 2—Analysis of 5 Missed Targets
Trap Doubles: Two Pairs From Every Station
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Olympic Trap Compilation - Made by “Hunting & Clay Shooting”
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Station 8 Shooting Tips
Station 7 Shooting Tips
How to Shoot Station 6
How to Shoot Station 4
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Trade-in Program Canada

Step 1: Confirm you are eligible All 1st and 2nd Generation ShotKams are eligible for our trade-in program. To determine your ShotKam model, please refer to What ShotKam model do I have? Step 2: Your trade-in value By trading in your old unit, you would get our new 3rd Generation ShotKam for just C$549 (compared to C$849) with free 3-day international shipping to Canada. All taxes already included. Step 3: Mailing in your old ShotKam  To proceed with the trade-in, please print out and complete our Return Authorization Form. Then, mail us the following at your convenience:  Your 1st or 2nd Generation ShotKam: camera tube only (NO brackets, hard case, or accessories please) - a piece of bubble wrap/newspaper is enough padding. Printed and completed Return Authorization Form inside the package.  Ensure your name is on the outside of the package, and ship it to our Return Center in Florida, USA:  ShotKam Trade-in6590 East Rogers CircleBoca Raton, Florida 33487United States+1 561 961 0032   Step 4: Email confirmation After you have sent your old ShotKam in the mail for trade-in, please email us at with your tracking information so we can confirm once we’ve received it. We will contact you as soon as we process your unit for trade-in.     FAQ: Do you have other Return Center locations? No, we only have one Return Center, located in Florida, USA. We do not have any international centers, but gladly accept packages from most countries.    Do I need proof of purchase to trade-in? No, you do not need proof of purchase to proceed with our trade-in program. We accept all older units back for upgrades.   How long does the trade-in process take? Once we've received your old unit and you've completed your trade-in purchase, we will fulfill your new 3rd Generation ShotKam order within 1 business day.    I've changed my mind. Can I get my old unit back? No, all trade-in transactions are final. Once we've received your old unit and completed your upgrade, we cannot send your old unit back to you.   

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Bobby Guy — Goose Hunting with ShotKam

Shop Camera Now > We’ve recently had the opportunity to partner with hunting pro and YouTube star, Bobby Guy. In this video, Bobby takes the ShotKam out for the first time on a goose hunt.  Hunting Facts:  A ghillie suit is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble a background environment such as foliage, snow, or sand. It is usually a net or cloth garment covered in loose strips of burlap, cloth, or twine, sometimes made to look like leaves and twigs, and decorated with scraps of foliage from the area. Geese don’t see color the way we do. They see red, green, yellow, and blue more vibrantly as a result of their retinas. They also have an extra set of cones, which allows them to see UV radiation. Geese are extremely sensitive to light and glares, so hunters should keep their guns down until ready to shoot. Hunting with the ShotKam:  The ShotKam Camera is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is ON. It is fine in rain/hunting scenarios, but it is not submersible, so it is not for underwater sports. The removable rear cap can be taken off for charging, then screwed on before shooting in order to protect the USB port from water damage.  The ShotKam automatically comes with a 12 Gauge Quick Release Bracket. We do have sub gauges if needed (20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410, 12 Ga SxS).  Battery life: the ShotKam will last 4-5 hours when hunting.  The ShotKam’s unique light-balancing technology will automatically adjust to varying light conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. The field-of-view is optimized for targets ranging from 5 to 100 yards and is effectively 4x magnified. The zoom cannot be adjusted, so targets beyond 100 yards will look small (equivalent to what they look like with the naked eye). More hunting videos filmed with the ShotKam can be found here.  Follow Bobby on Social Media:  Instagram - Facebook - Bobby’s Gear: Franchi Affinity 12 gauge 3 inch shells Modified choke (temporary) - Muck Boots - Sitka Gear - Under Armor Thermal - Thermasole Sole Inserts - Hot Hands - Wiley X Glasses - Sign up below to receive our monthly Newsletter. Whether you’re a Master Class Shooter or a weekend warrior, our content is always relevant, interesting, and informational. We’ll be partnering with professionals across all disciplines over the next few months - you don’t want to miss this.    Shop Camera Now >  

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Shooting Tips from the Pros - Episode 1

In our first episode of Shooting Tips from the Pros, Emily interviews professional trapshooter, Kayle Browning.  In this episode, Kayle answers our customer's most frequently asked questions about trapshooting. What is the difference between American trap, Bunker trap, and International trap? K: "Bunker" trap is a nickname for International trap, so those are the same thing. In Bunker trap, there is an underground bunker with 15 different machines, and the angles are a lot harder (compared to American trap). The targets can variate 45 degrees left or right, and can go up to 3 meters high. In American trap, there is only one machine that isolates, and the height of the targets are the same.  The targets in American trap come out at about 42 MPH, but in Bunker trap, can be about 68 MPH (depending on where you are).  Do you clearly see the target from the beginning of the trap house to where you broke the clay? Kayle uses her ShotKam video to explain her focal point, hold point, and to analyze one of her shots.  By watching Kayle's ShotKam video, we see that once the target comes out of the trap house, her gun (represented by the ShotKam's reticle) does not move. When the target gets above the gun barrel, her eyes go to the target, but the target is not yet clear. As soon as Kayle feels like she's got a clear visual connection, then she'll start her gun moving straight to the target. (See 3:39 in the video to hear the full explanation from Kayle.) Do you prefer fixed or interchangeable chokes? What is your favorite choke size? K: When shooting competitively, I like to use a sporting barrel, as it allows me to interchange my chokes. I use Improved Modified on the bottom for my first shot, then a Full Choke on my top barrel. When hunting, I like to use fixed barrels, particularly the Parcours from Krieghoff. I like to use the Parcours when shooting Sporting Clays and FITASC as well.  What are the best ways to practice at home? K: If you've got a trap machine at home, then that is a great option. If you don't, then there are a few drills you can do at home to practice. You can practice your gun mount in a mirror so you can watch yourself. For example, if you are canting your gun when mounting it, then you will be able to catch this when watching yourself in a mirror. Then, there is the indoor eye drill. You can put different "targets" up on a wall, and mount your gun. When you call "pull", move your eyes to the target first, then move your gun.  The last way (and my favorite) I'd recommend is if you've got a ShotKam - video analysis at home is a great way to "practice". Watch your videos and analyze yourself. Did I make a good move? Did my eyes lead first? The ShotKam is a great way to diagnose yourself while you're at home. To Learn More About Kayle: Visit Kayle's website here: Subscribe to her podcast "Beyond the Podium" (with David Radulovich, World Champion) here: For Apple devices, subscribe to "Beyond the Podium" on Apple Podcasts here:     Shop The ShotKam Camera Now >

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Step 1: How to Get Started With Your ShotKam

In this video, you will learn about the parts of the ShotKam, how to mount it correctly, how to change your settings, and how the ShotKam records.   Frequently Asked Questions: 1) How can I ensure that the ShotKam is mounted onto my barrel correctly? You can ensure that the ShotKam is mounted correctly by checking for two things. First, check that the ridges on the bracket pad fit into the grooves in the ShotKam (for a visual, please skip to minute 1:10 of the video above). Secondly, the USB port should be closest to your barrel. This simply means that the USB port (next to the control button on the ShotKam) should be directly underneath your barrel.  2) How often should I take my ShotKam off my barrel? The brackets of the ShotKam have rubber pads on the inside to prevent any barrel damage, but we do suggest taking the camera off regularly for cleaning. A quick wipe with a soft cloth will ensure that no moisture gets trapped in between the ShotKam and your barrel. 3) Does my reticle need to be re-aligned every time I re-mount the ShotKam? If you are using your ShotKam on the same type of shotgun and mounting your ShotKam the same distance back from the muzzle, then you will not need to re-align your reticle. If you use a mixture of types (semi-auto, pump), then the reticle will need to be realigned for each shotgun (and the "gun type" setting will have to be changed accordingly in the ShotKam app). So for instance, if the ShotKam is placed 8 inches back (from the muzzle) on the barrel of a 12 Ga break-action, then you can move it to any other 12 Ga break-action, just place it 8 inches from the muzzle end of that gun as well. 4) What is the difference between "Normal Shooting Mode" and "WiFi Mode"? Which should I use? This is a great question. "Normal Shooting Mode" is what you will use while you are recording videos during your round. One quick click (then let go) of the control button will put your ShotKam into "Normal Shooting Mode". You can confirm by checking the LED lights - you should only see one green LED. In "Normal Shooting Mode", your ShotKam will typically go into "Sleep Mode" after 20 seconds to conserve battery. You will see one slow blinking green LED light when the ShotKam is in Sleep Mode. You can close your action or bump your stock to waken the ShotKam, and the green LED light will go from blinking to solid when it is awakened. "WiFi Mode" will only be used when you are aligning your reticle, changing your settings, or watching your videos on your mobile device (smart phone or tablet). To put the ShotKam into "WiFi Mode", hold the control button down for 3-5 seconds, then let go. You should see one yellow LED light, and one green LED light as well. You are now able to connect to your mobile device.   Read More ShotKam News >

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