Exclusive Offer: Training Videos With Your Purchase

Included in your Black Friday purchase is a free bonus - our best training series featuring two of the top instructors in the world. Valued at C$300, these three shooting lessons paired with your new camera are sure to quickly improve your skills and your scores.

This 3-part shooting series will be emailed to you directly after purchase, but watch a sneak peek here:

Did you know? We proudly build, test, and ship each ShotKam from our main location in South Florida.

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Top Purchasing FAQ

1️⃣  When does the Black Friday sale end? Our sale ends on Monday night, 30 November, at midnight in your current timezone. The special offer is C$120 OFF, so the price of a ShotKam Camera will be C$729 (compared to C$849) with FREE shipping via FedEx and import taxes and duties are already included. 

2️⃣  Is it waterproof? Yes, the ShotKam is fully waterproof and durable. You can use this gun camera in all hunting conditions, whether with birds or big game.

3️⃣  Will it work on my shotgun and rifle? Yes, your purchase comes with a 12-gauge attachment, but there are many attachments available online for both shotguns and rifles.

4️⃣  How does it know when to record? Using patented technology, the ShotKam feels the movements of your barrel. It will automatically record every recoil and you do not need to turn it on and off between shots. Read more about the intelligent design here.

5️⃣  What's included? Your ShotKam includes a 12-gauge mount, hard carrying case, and all necessary accessories. The average user sees a 15% improvement in the first month. Fast, free delivery to Canada and import taxes and duties already included. Extended return through 31 January 2021.

 As a subscriber, you also have access to our popular Skeet Training Videos 🎉. 

Watch the Skeet Training Videos here